I don't have any cp's to trade, but I do have some other unusual plants.

You can see my have list here:

The Akebia and Amorphophallus may already be spoken for. There has been interest expressed in them by others.

Everything is frozen in the ground at the moment. I'm just looking to set up spring trades at this time.

I also have some non-plant items I could trade -

I can do cement garden art. Thin items can be shipped in Priority flat rate boxes. This is an example of a celtic knot stone I made:

Another useful thing that could be shipped reasonably in a flat rate box would be dried aged manure. Might be good to give select plants in your garden an extra boost. I have 3 yr old chicken manure (mixed with decomposing poplar and pine bedding) from an outdoor weathered pile and 20 yr old sheep manure from just inside an open entrance to an old barn. It's weathered from being rained on, but not decomposed into nothing. I use both on plants in my own garden.