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Thread: Wanting bladderworts/ temperate pings

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    Wanting bladderworts/ temperate pings

    I am looking for two particulars in regards to the bladderworts

    U. sandersonii blue form
    U. menziesii

    As for pings, if it forms a hibernacula then I am interested.

    Also I am in pursuit of Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora. If you have other variants of flava feel free to make an offer.

    My trades currently
    Nep ventricosa cutting
    1 excess Nep spectabilis cutting.
    D. prolifera,
    D. schizandra,
    D. adelae,
    D dielsiana.
    D. capensis
    D. spatulata f. frasier island
    assorted pings
    assorted bladderworts

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    hey CPBlake Im looking for any pings you have. I have some sandersonii blue form. I have ping pirouette available and ping cyclosecta

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