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Thread: Drosera spatulata HK seed for exchange

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    Drosera spatulata HK seed for exchange

    Hi, I come from Hong Kong, have some Drosera spatulata HK seed for exchange other CP seed, if you want to exchange, please leave pm to me, thanks.

    Sorry for my poor English
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    Beautiful plant and flower! Unfortunately, we in the US would need an ePermit to import seeds. This is mine, so you know what one looks like:

    An ePermits application of the type shown has been submitted on the date and time shown.

    Permit application type: PPQ 587 Permit to Import Plants and Plant Products
    Application number: P587-060725-001
    Applicant: Scott Straus
    Date/Time submitted: 07/25/06 12:08:17 PM

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