I will be trading various moss. I don't know which kind, but i know it works great on them. I have been using it for a few years now. Just so you know, it IS alive. I was thinking maybe a sheet enough to cover a four inch pot for a sarr. I would prefer we do not trade until may, but if you would very like to trade now, i guess we can. Here is my want list
S. Leucophylla Hot Pink
S. Leucophylla Titan
S. Leucophylla Schnell's Ghost
S. Minor
S Purpurea Red Form
S. Alata (Any Form)
S. Dixie Lace
S. Purpurea x flava

I will also be trading U. Gibba, as well.
E-mail me at awgaupp@aim.com if you are interested