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Thread: Ventricosa x Aristo rooted cuttings

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    Sorry about that everyone. I have more space in my inbox now. I plan on getting a couple more pics of other cuttings I have available today as well. If you have something a little nicer to offer, perhaps I can sweeten the deal with some other cuttings. I have quite a bit of offers, but I also have quite a bit of plants, so don't feel discouraged from making an offer . Anyhoo, I'll try to get those up asap and make a list of my trade stuff. Thanks for the interest!

    Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention that I do not have the space for a fruit tree, or flowers . I was just looking for some CPs mostly... Thank you for your offers though!

    2nd Edit: Oh yeah, i'm not really sure what international shipping laws are like, so unfortunately this offer is for the U.S. only. Sorry to our international members!
    - Daniel

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    I got this plant from Daniel in a trade a few months ago... I really love it! A great grower and the pitchers are unique. I suggest you don't wait for the possibility of him having extras to give away for shipping, and get your trade offer in

    4.5" pot for scale....

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    What about a sarr? i know it's not that much, but...
    cause in NC i have a guy i buy from, i could buy some then trade you. the plants are minor, flava, catesbaei
    Quote Originally Posted by lizasaur
    Minor x Purp I actually have. Well,technically it's Minor Okee x Psitt Green.

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    "I, for one, can't wait to grow Nepenthes extincta!"
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