I have one 'Puna' cutting that is rooted and starting to pitcher. I believe I cut it about 5 months ago.

I recently received a flood of PM's from my Ventricosa x Aristo post, so I would like to ask that you please take note of a couple things:

Please have a tangible offer on the table. This is not a giveaway thread (although I will have one later), so please no random people asking for a handout. I have had a lot of random people I've never even seen post anything asking for handouts, so please, none of this. I will now have to ignore these. I mean you no offense, but I simply do not have the time.

I am only looking for Nepenthes for this trade, so please no other types of plants.

Please use your better judgment when making a fair trade offer.

I don't know the laws for international shipping, so please, U.S. only.