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Thread: lost my job ALL nepenthes need to go

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    Sent an email. Sorry to hear this!
    my growlist
    The Southeast Carnivorous Plant Society
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    What part of TN are you in? I might be able to "babysit" some of the plants you would really hate to get rid of, until you are back on your feet. I am about an hour south of Nashville. I could probably foster about a dozen or so, intermediate / lowland plants in my modified china cabinet thingy.

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    UPDATED the title says it all..i've gotten laid off until the economy picks back up (yeah right) i can't afford to keep the lights and heater on anymore. PLEASE EMAIL; FROGSINTN3@YAHOO.COM any help would be greatly appreciated..

    N wrigleyana [mirabilis*(rafflesiana*ampullaria)] (female)
    i have 2:
    (1) 26"T x 8"W
    (2) 28"T this is one is the mother plant. i've clipped it twice. it just has leaves at the top which is 6"T x 12"W

    N x prosperity 36"T x 11"W

    N x effulgent koto[mirabilis*thorelii] 22"T x 12"W

    N x Leessii (N. mirabillis gold var. Thiland)x(N. x mixta var. superba)
    14"t x 10"w

    N x Cathy Jo (N. x Leessii)x(N. x Splendiana) ((N. mirabilis x (N. northiana x N. maxima) x (N. kampotiana x N. maxima)) 5"t x 6"w

    N splendiana x leesii [(anamensis x maxima)x(mirabilis x (northiana*maxima)] (1)13"t x 10"w (2)14"t x 12"w
    (3)23"t x 18"w

    N sp philippines 20"T x 9"W

    N cravenii x mirabilis (1)13"t x 12"w--$25 (2)14"t x 10"w
    (3)8"t x 10"w

    N bellii x ventricosa 23"t x 8"w

    N clipeata x (N. clipeata x N. eymae) 5"T x 8"W

    N x coccinea [(rafflesiana x ampullaria) x mirabilis 29"t x 10"w

    N x gentle (fusca*maxima)--

    N gracilis 'blk' x mirabilis 'winged' (1)30"t x 10"w basels small
    (2)19"t x 10"w

    N globosa x hirsuta 2"-4"T x 4"-10"W

    N thorelii x ampullaria (1)20"t x 8"w basel 5"t x 8"w
    (2)14"t x 12"w basel 3"t x 4"w (3)9"t x 12"w

    N ventra (ventricosa x alata) 11"t x 10" basels 4"t x 6"w/2"t x 4"w

    N talangensis x ventricosa 17"t x 15"w basels 2"t x 4"w/3" x 6"w

    N thorelii JAM clone n+w x 1976 LCS #2 mixta superba 12"t x 12"w

    N gymnaphora 10"T x 8"W

    N singalana 12"t x 5"w basel 8"t x 9"w

    N x 'James Taplin [mirabilis x (mirabilis x rafflesiana) 20"t x 12"w

    N mirabilis "pink thai" 24"t x 12"w

    N thorelii x hachijo (1)24"t x 7"w--$30(2) 5"t x 4"w--$15 (3)7"t x 6"w

    N thorelii 25"t x 7"w
    N albomarginata x veitchii 17"t x 17"w

    N x Manny Herrera [mirabilis*khasiana] 21"t x 12"w

    N splendiana 18"t x 16"w

    N globosa x khasiana

    N sp #1 3"t x 9"w

    N burkei 4"t x 4"w

    N petiolata 7"t x10"w

    N campanulata size of a quarter

    N gracilis (blk) 30"t x 10"w

    N tomoriana size of a half dollar give or take
    Nepenthes ALL GONE
    Sarracenia species & hybrids
    Pinguicula & hybrids

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    That's just horrible. I'll PM you.
    at least the government is trying to fix it
    They're watching us. o.0

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