Frankie and USMC have both been sent messages, and neither have replied. i have also not received the money from you guys, so unless i get a message from you, 2 spots will be reopened
i will have everyones packages out sometime this week, parents are finally back lol.

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Alright then, as i have not received a notice or shipping money from these 2 people i am opening up the opportunity for 2 more people.
The packages for the others will be going out over the next couple of days. packing currently.

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2 spots have been filled. thanks

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first group of packages went out today, those were Zero, Catrus, Chezilla, and Huntsmanshorn.
Your plants should be there in a couple of days
There are a few of you who got more than one, or a large one...the ones with more than one were either a large jumble of roots and a couple of plantlets, or a couple of smaller plants.
They reproduce like crazy from roots. So if the plants are damaged in transit as i was a bit rough with them trying to get them out (they have insane roots) just place the roots in some media and wait a week or so and youll have plantlets like mad.
Enjoy guys

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i think it was chezilla's package that he sent me a little address sticker for as well, it came back to me in the mail today because the post office workers evidently didnt see it, i circled it and am going to put it out with the mail tomorrow for a resend because they messed up lol.