Please email me at 6wongsljp* (replace the * with an @). I do not check these forums as often as I used to, so I will not appreciate pms.

I haven't had much time to check into these forums so far this summer due to work and preparing to move to Texas.

I will trade many mature droseras off my growlist. Any neps not listed that you have questions about, you can just email me.

Please let me know what you want. IF YOU WANT PICS, EMAIL ME. If you want seeds or pings or other things off my growlist, just ask!

I have Nepenthes:

2 year old N. Ventricosa x Inermis cutting

N. gymnamphora "Talamau, Sumatra"

A healthy N. ramispina from a cutting

N. sibuyanensis

A rooted cutting of N. sanguinea "Orange"

N. x Gubler's Hybrid

N. x Effulgent Koto

N. x Trichocarpa

A rooted cutting of N. Thorelii x Aristolochioides with lots of aristo influence in it.

N. splendiana x (Stenophylla x Lowii) x (Rokko x Veitchii) several years from seed.

HUGE N. splendiana x truncata seedlings of many shapes and different coloration.

I'm also trading some Sarracenia;

S. minor
S. purpurea x minor x leucophylla
S. leucophylla Tarnok
S. scarlet belle

I'm interested in any vanilla varieties, especially the tahitian kind. I'm also looking for mini orchids; for example, I'm a real sucker for masdevallias and restrepias/pleurothallids.

I'm also looking for ANY kind of utricularia. I'm open to ANY utricularia offers.

Other offers will be considered, but they will take the backseat while I handle the offers I've requested.