I'm looking for Utricularia's not on my growlist, however I'm not interested in the suspeneded aquatics. I took a quick look around and these are the ones I have potted up and growing, some are smaller than others but they should all ship just fine. Feel free to ask about other stuff on my growlist but realize they may be off limits, due to various reasons.

Other things I'm interested in:

any Genlisea not on my growlist
any Cephalotus variation not on my growlist
any Nep. ampullaria variation not on my growlist

Here are the ones I have available for trading as of this posting.

U. amethystina
U. bisquamata
U. calycifida
U. flacida
U. graminifolia (maybe, would have to check, it would not be potted up)
U. livida
U. monanthos (one in spike right now!)
U. parthenopipes (mixed with 2-3 other Utric's, I might have some seperated by stalks but would have to check, I pull the flowers out and clean/plant them whenever they flower)
U. praelonga