Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I posted on TF. I have been lurking for a while while finishing up the details in transferring to a different college. Anyway, A couple of months ago I made a few cuttings of my Belli X Ventricosa, 9 to be exact. The nodes have all activated and so I would like to trade them away if possible. This is a very easy plant to grow, it was the first one I got to actually pitcher for me. The cuttings were taken, so the next pitchers will be in the upper stage as well. The links below will show what the uppers look like.

As far as what I am looking for, basically any non-Lowes Nepenthes will be fine most likely, I would prefer highlanders/intermediates, just no Ventricosa, ventrata, sanguinea, miranda, etc.

Here are a couple pics of the plant a while back



PM if interested,

Thanks, Steven