I have some Nepenthes mirabilis - Penang, Mengkuang Titi plants for trade. They're decently sized; the larger ones are 8" to 10" diameter and the smaller ones are 4" to 6" diameter. Most of them are turning out to have a red peristome with varying amounts of red in the pitcher. I'll post some pics illustrating pitcher variability a little later, but for now here's a slightly dated picture of the plants for trade:

I'm looking for-
similarly sized lowland/intermediate nepenthes that are not on my growlist (or are different clones/sex)
Lecanopteris mirabilis
Lecanopteris lomarioides
Drosera ordensis (location data preferred)
P. planifolia (location data preferred)

I also have seeds of
Drosera filiformis "Florida all red"
Drosera indica (typical/scented)
Drosera intermedia - Cuba
Drosera burmannii - Beerwah, Queensland, Australia
Byblis liniflora

which I'm willing to trade for seeds of
orange or red flowered D. indica
byblis other than liniflora

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Here's what you should expect as the plants mature.

Most are turning out to have a reddish-brown pitcher coloration such as this one (not a great pic, I know):

A few are turning out to be a very nice deep red:

And so far among the larger siblings, I've only ended up with one mostly green plant:

It's still too early to tell what color the available seedlings will be but most show at least some red coloration.