Okay first of all I want to make sure that the drosera are following the guidelines, it's basically a batch of seedlings the majority of them are the albino but there are some regular ones. I saw the regular ones in the shop so I want to make sure this doesn't cause a conflict, if it does kindly let me know and they will be taken off!

So! Up for trade is a VFT low giant and a batch of Drosera capensis seedlings. There are more seedlings than I can count with both hands, roughly half are a good size now slightly over a quarter. The VFT is recovering right now, but very very healthy. It currently has 2 traps formed and 4 more on the way which look to be large. PM me for photos and I'll try to get them to you asap!

I'm looking to trade for small nepenthes, both highland and lowland. But I'm more hoping to get a small healthy division of cephalotus. I'd be willing to trade for other things too so let me know what you have in mind. Thanks for looking!