Well the odds of a member having one up for grabs arent high but i thought i would ask anyway.
Ive got a variety of plants for trade, as well as an original xbox with some games and 2 controllers. I do not need a macro lense if the person does not have one, i can always find one somewhere else. But, id rather not go off ebay and buy a camera when i can trade for one with a member on here since i already have a good number of plants that i need to get rid of due to funding (which part of would go for a camera anyway)

Nepenthes densiflora - 4 1/2" diamter, 5" tall w/ 1 basal

Nepenthes singalana belirang - 4 1/2 diameter 2 pitchers starting to inflate

Nepenthes copelandii Mt Apo- rooted cutting 3 1/2"

Nepenthes burkei - Borneo Exotics 3" plant

Nepenthes spectabilis 'Pangulobau' - 4" healthy plant, inflating a few pitchers

Nepenthes talangensis - over a foot tall w/ one basal with pitchers, mother plant is healthy but no pitchers

Nepenthes splendiana x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] seedlings - various sizes mostly ranging around 1" - 3 available

Nepenthes talangensis x veitchii - 3 1/2" ish in diameter many pitchers, healthy and well established

Sarracenia -

Leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' seedling, about 2 years old...

psittacina - 2 available

Cephalotus -

Seedgrown - immature pitchers 2-3 growth points

Hummer's Giant - immature pitchers 3 growth points

Again ive also got an original xbox with a few games and a couple controllers, it works perfectly but i never really use it so if someone could put it to use, i would be willing to part with it.