Hey all, I'm looking for a nice light for a 24 inch long terrarium. I'm looking for compact fluorescent (NOT the spiral energy saver bulbs.) or a T5 HO fluorescent fixture. Used is fine (expected.) IDEALLY I'd like one that comes with two compact fluorescent lights instead of one (or one of the quad-type lights) and I'm realistically not expecting anyone to offer a T5 HO fixture, but it would be awesome if someone did.

The RO filter is a basic RO filter you can connect to your faucet. The RO filter it's self should need a new membrane in a year or so. It comes with a replaceable carbon and sediment filter. I really don't know anything about it, I got it off of ebay and the label has worn off. I think the carbon and sediment filters are modular and the modules are meant to be replaced, IE you can't open them up and just replace what's inside. Thats really all I know about it. Works fine and has only been used about a year.

If that's not enough, maybe I can include some plants in the trade. Private message me.

If you've got a SUPER !@%@%### light, I can trade a third generation 32 gig Ipod touch. I'm talking super !@%#@%% light! This is the new generation with voice control. I mean a NIIIICE light! Almost brand new. THIRTY TWO gig ITOUCH! To get an idea of what kind of light I'd let it go for, It cost me 300 buckls. It's scratchless and comes with a plastic case. no junk if you want the itouch. In all honesty, I'd rather have a super awesome incredible light and trade the itouch because I bought the itouch on a whim and dont' need all that much space. it comes with like 7 gigs of music on there, and hell, I'll GIVE you the RO filter TOO if it was a REALLY nice light like a Tek light and came with bulbs! If you had an incredible light like that but it wasn't 24 inches, I could still trade and I could just get a bigger tank, but no bigger than 36 inches.

I'd REALLY rather just trade the ipod and throw in the filter for an incredible light than trade the old filter for an old light. and Ipod touches are cool. yOu know you want it.