I was out on a walk today, and discovered that a hydroponics store had opened near where I live, and discovered to my joy that they carry Maxsea 16-16-16, which a lot of people seem to be investigating for the purpose of fertilizing their neps.

Now, I have a small nep, so I picked a jug of the Maxsea up for myself. However, there's more here than I need. So I figure that, if anyone is interested, I could put a couple tablespoons of Maxsea in a baggie and put it in a normal envelope and mail it to anyone that is curious about using the stuff, but doesn't want to shell out twenty bucks in order to try the stuff.

In exchange, I'm looking for small stuff... seeds, cuttings, pullings, etc. Nothing major. Obviously, I could provide larger samples if the trade necessitated it. But I just figured that I would put the offer out there, in case anyone is curious.

Edit: I blame all extraneous commas on the coffee that I had earlier...