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Thread: Free D. ascendens to experienced grower

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    Free D. ascendens to experienced grower

    **** Closed ****
    My appreciation & thanks to all who expressed an interest in helping with this project.

    I have several test tubes of D. ascendens (water propagation via leaves) that are ready to be potted - specifically:

    - 1 seed clone of D. ascendens, Serra de Quiriri, City of Garuva, Santa Catarina State, Brazil
    - 4 different seed clones of D. ascendens, Serra de Ponta Grossa, City of Campo Largo, Parana State, Brazil
    - - each clone has 2-6 individual small plantlets growing on a leaf - large enough to now be potted into media

    I am looking for a grower who has experience:
    - growing South American Drosera
    - transitioning small plants from water propagation onto media

    As payment for successfully transitioning the plants from water to media (not that tough), the grower will get to keep the bulk of the plants they've produced (& do anything they want with them). However, several of the plants (probably less than half) will also need to be shipped out to other growers (names to be supplied later) when the plants are a decent size & well rooted (roughly next spring / summer) (I guess this makes the plants not exactly free...)

    If you're not familiar with water propagation, you probably shouldn't apply. However, if you're interested in the process (or one version of the process) - check out this thread.

    If interested, please send an email to the following address:

    ... and include:

    - name & mailing address
    - forum name
    - a little info on your growing history

    Other 'stuff':
    - USA only - sorry.
    - this is not on a 1st come basis - no need to rush
    - while I will attempt to respond in a timely manner, I may not succeed (please be patient)
    - please ask any questions either here in the thread or via email (not PM's as they are a pain when box fills)

    - Thanks for playing
    All the best,
    You must do the thing you think you cannot do. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

    *** Growlist / Wants / Offers ***
    (with Pics)

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    Email sent. if it didnt go through, let me know.

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    Very generous offer, Ron. I like the stipulation
    Congrats on your success with propagating these rare species!!!
    Visit The Sundew Grow Guides:
    New- Drosera video tours & other sundew info, now on YouTube!

    Happy Growing!

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