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Thread: Looking for tropical Drosera

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    Looking for tropical Drosera

    Hey all,
    Im looking for the following Drosera:
    D. slackii
    D. montana
    D. ascendens
    D. aliciae
    D. venusta
    ...any other larger rosette producing plant (i.e. larger than D. spatulata)

    For trade i have
    D. regia (4-5" leafspan, maybe more)
    D. spatulata x capensis
    D. binata "multifida" (not extrema)
    N. ventricosa seedlings
    N. ventrata (nice larger plant)
    N. maxima x ventricosa
    Lots of Sarracenia, check my growlist and i will tell you what i can divide.
    Cuttings or plants of Nepenthes on my growlist if i have extras, just ask.
    anything on my growlist might be tradeable, just let me know what your interested in

    NOTE: i want to do multiple plant trades, so please reply only if you have two or more of the plants requested. Also, if you have any carnivorous plant you want to trade (Neps and Sarrs would be nice) we could work that out too.

    the link to my growlist is in my signature and i just updated it.


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    Your grow list says you're always open to trades. I have D. venusta, U. sandersonii, and S. leucophylla x winsii [Edit: What could this be? "wilksiana/williamsii/willisii/willmottiae/wilsoniana/wilsoniana/wilsonii" or other? Maybe just - "nice unidentified Sarracenia hybrid"] (however you spell it)

    Here is a pic:

    Sorry that I don't have two of the plants you're looking for.
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    I've got several D. aliciae but no extras of the listed ones requested. However, I some extra Petiolaris Complex.
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