I am looking for the following sarracenia:
Daniel Rudd
Bug Scoop
Up Periscope
Pretty N Pink
Extreme Unction
Gin Goblin
Judith Adrian
Super Green Giant
Clyde's Giant
Georgia Peach
Manny Herrera

I can trade nepenthes, so if you have any of these and like neps, PM me and we can work out a trade. I have a good many nepenthes. Thanks!

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Here is a list of neps I have available for trade for the sars listed above.
N. Densiflora
N. Diatas
N. Eymae
N. Izumiae
N. Sibuyanensis
N. Muluensis x Lowii
N. Spectabilis x talangensis
N. Sibuyanensis x Ventricosa
N. Albomarginata
N. Copelandii
N. Reinwardtiana
N. Smilesii
N. Ampularia x Talangensis
N. Venticosa x Mira
N. Belli
N. Bicalcarata orange
N. Distillatoria
N. Hirsuta
N. Judith Finn
N. Tomoriana

Some of these I may be out of, but I can't be sure until I double check. So if you are interested in a particular plant, PM me which one and I'll go check and see if I have one to spare. These plants are anywhere from about 2-3 inches across, to some of them have reached 5-6 inches across. Again, tell me which you are interested in and I can give you more specific info about it. I'm trying to build up my personal sarracenia collection.

Some of you PMd me about a trade last week and we decided to wait until weather was better. Weather will be okay for shipping here on my end by Wednesday, so we can go ahead and plan on shipping then as far as I'm concerned. Just let me know! Thanks!