I'm getting rid of all my collected "stuff", books, rare/weird toys (unopened), statues, etc. and remodelling so I can have room for lots of terrariums again.

Well I have this large format HP printer I bought in 2005 for $300 or so that prints full color on paper up to 13" x 20". I never had the room to set it up (about 18" x 24"). It's still in it's original packaging, factory tape has never been cut, still has original starter cartridges (HP #75 an #76 IIRC), USB hookup, etc. If anyone living inside the continental united states is interested in trading a cutting or a positively identifiable seedling of any of the following plants for the printer (listed in order of desire) please PM me:

N. edwardsiana
N. klossii
N. hamata
N. aristolochioides
N. jamban (red or spotted)
N. jacquelineae (red or spotted)
N. flava (red or spotted)

H. sarracenioides (red)
H. nebelinae (red)

U. dunlopii (I want to see your plant in bloom)

For now these are the only things I'm really interested in locating. I will certainly trade other stuff for any of these plants if you have a request. I can accept live plant shipments in March, right now it's way too cold to risk it.

Here is the printer's box front:

If not interested in a printer I also have this large 3 Volume book set of Reptile care. It runs about 1000 pages between all 3 oversized hardcover books Every page is full color with dust covers and perfect shape - set was read through once by me and then shelved. There is a small stamp sized (1" x 1 1 /2") tear on the back of first editions dust cover by the TFH address. Address still there, just white space is ripped out for some reason. The third volume on reptile veterinary medicine is the largest and probably most informative of the three. The Biology, Husbandry and Health Care of Reptiles in 3 Volumes (Amazon link)