Hey everyone,
Judging by the other recent threads requesting D. rotundifolia, this isn't going to be very promising....
I know this is a terrible time to ask for D. rotundifolia, but if anyone is growing/ can spare a non-dormant D. rotundifolia that you are growing indoors? I'm assuming all outdoor Rotundifolia are dormant at this time of year. It is also the worst time of year to ship plants in frigid Iowa weather, so I will try finding out if the weather here will warm up in the near future.

What the plant will be used for:
I am trying to use D. rotundifolia for research on a chitinase enzyme because it is pretty much the only sundew that has been sequenced in the genome database (besides Spatulata, but we are skeptical to follow the Spatulata sequences for other reasons)...

If worse comes to worse I will have to coax my dormant Rotundifolias back to life, and from what I've read, this normally isn't an easy task- so I'll try this first.


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(I'm shocked that some is actually available)
Thank you so much Lois!