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Thread: NEED D. burmanii seed

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    NEED D. burmanii seed

    We have to make a video for my Plant Physiology class, and I think this would make an excellent video to demonstrate plant motion. This Drosera is very fast, and I figure I could also give some to my Professor to use in our lab since I'm growing all the other plants for our labs throughout the year...also to hopefully improve my chances of getting an A ;-) I'd like to get ahold of some D. burmanii seed if possible. I'll also be using D. capensis to make a time-lapse video but people could see D. burmanii moving before their eyes.



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    Hey Clint,

    I could get some D. burmannii Berwah seeds for you in return for your address.
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    I'm actually making a little burmanii vid too! heehee. I just need to get the camera uploading thingy on the computer so I can upload the videos and edit it. good luck on yours!

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