Hello all. I'm curious to know if anyone is willing to do a trade with me here. I'm looking for a Lowii x Truncata-- Doesn't matter what size. A Dubia, Inermis, and a Seed grown Lowii Mt Trusmadi form from (EP)

I have lots of good plants that I can trade to anyone who is willing to help me obtain these neps I've been looking for. Also, Since I'll be making nep seed here soon, I can also include some nep seed as an Extra when the seed ripens.

Heres my grow list

Here are the nepenthes and other carnivorous plants that I grow.

My Veitchii Hybrids:

Nepenthes Mixta x Maxima x Veitchii x Northiana x Veitchii--- Rooted cutting--- (MALE)-- Keeping for breeding

Northiana x Veitchii (H/L)----High Land----Rooted cutting------------------(MALE) Gonna keep this one for breeding

Spectabilis x Veitchii (H/L)---- Very nice size seed grown Plant------------(MALE) Gonna keep this one for breeding

Nepenthes Truncata x Veitchii (H/L)- Rooted cutting x2 rooted cuttings.--------- Ones flowering and is definately-----------------------(MALE)--- I'm willing to trade one of these

Nepenthes Eymae x Veitchii H/L -----------------------------------------------------( MALE)-- Keeping for breeding

Nepenthes Sibuyanensis x Northiana x Veitchii x1- around 12in in Diameter.

N. Veitchii x Lowii x1-- Keeping

N. Hamakua- Seed grown--N. Hamakua [N. (thorelii x (maxima x veitchii)) x campanulata] Flowering----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------( Female)-- Keeping

More neps:

Nepenthes Ampullaria Red Harlequin red. x1

Nepenthes Ampullaria red. x1. Very huge with LOTS of growth points

Nepenthes Ampullaria Giant Red

Nepenthes Northiana x2

Nepenthes Campanulata. 3 Multigrowth points-----------------------------------------------------------------------(MALE)

Nepenthes Velvet from sarracenia Northwest. Upper pitchers. around 2 feet tall. 1 Multi growth point.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MALE)

Nepenthes Ceasar(Merriliana x Truncata) 4 growth points

Nepenthes Hamata. x 18

Nepenthes Burbidgeae- needs more growing time

Nepenthes Flava x1

Nepenthes Truncata x Trusmadiensis x3- Plants need some more growing time

Nepenthes Platychila x1-keeps

Nepenthes Jacquelineae x1-keeps

Nepenthes Thorelii x Rafflesiana sing. x Talangensis x Inermis x1------------------------------------------------------------------------------(MALE)

Nepenthes Tenuis ( Hopefully male)- This ones from TC-- Keeping

Nepenthes Tenuis- Cutting-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------(FEMALE)---- Keeping

N. Eymae ----cutting--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(FEMALE)---- Not fully rooted

N. Truncata x Aristolochioides--- cutting-----------------------------------------------------------------(FEMALE)-- Keeping

Other CP's:

D. Spatulata- too many to count
D. Pulchella x Nitidula- too many to count.
D. lieoblastus(cranbrook)- (x) many
D.Carbarup (x) many
D. Omminissa x Pulchella
D. Dichotoma
D. Venusta
D. Multifida
D. "Lake Badgerup"
D. Roseana


P. Esseriana
P. Jaumavensis
P. Weser
P. Sethos
P. Ehlersiae
P. Aphrodite
P. Yucca Do 1713
p. Moctezumae
P. Titan
p. Gigantea
P. Agnata x?
P. Pirouette


Hummers Giant


1 small H. Ionasii
H. Nutans x Heterodoxa