I have a small cutting available for trade of Rhipsalis epiphylloides ssp. bradei,
also known as Hatiora epiphylloides ssp. bradei.
This is a rare epiphytic psuedozygo cactus.

I have one small cutting available for trade— it being approximately
3 inches in diameter. The branching stems themselves, are no
thicker than 3-4 millimeters.

The plant puts out small creamy flowers in mid summer, which are
approximately 5 millimeters in diameter.

For planting media, a simple cactus mix should suffice.
Also, this plant doesn't like direct light and the temperature
should be at least 68F (20C)

I am interested in any carnivorous plants you may wish to trade.
shoot me an offer, or send me a PM.

Here are some links to pictures of this plant:
Rhipsalis epiphylloides ssp. bradei

species with similar flowers