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Thread: Looking for some Drosera

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    Looking for some Drosera

    **US only, please**

    The time has come- it's warm outside again! And of course, I would like some stuff.

    - forked leaved varieties I don't have (3/18: Going to get Marston Dragon, multifida extrema.)
    - a tropical intermedia (3/18: Worked out a trade)
    - anglica
    - x obovata
    - madagascariensis (3/17: I worked out a trade)
    - peltata
    - rotundifolia (location data optional, but wanted...)

    I would prefer a plant or a propagule, but I could always use seeds.

    My growlist is in my signature. If you'd like to trade, you can PM me with what you're interested in.

    (I'm also looking for Nepenthes x leesii and x Mastersiana, if anybody has those!)
    "I, for one, can't wait to grow Nepenthes extincta!"
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