well i got some Nepenthes that I want to get rid of and would like to swap them for some various Sarracenias not on my list. PM me if interested, they are decent size, nothing spectacular, ill get pictures if needed.

US only please, it would be nice to do it all in one go to keep down on costs.

Nepenthes for trade:

* N. albomarginata
* N. ampullaria 'Green'
* N. merrilliana
* N. 'Miranda'
* N. reinwardtiana
* N. ventrata
* N. x 'Red Leopard'
Some pictures here, http://picasaweb.google.com/billylh/Trades#
they dont look the best but they're still growing.

Sarracenia I already have:

* S. leucophylla
* S. minor
* S. alata
* S. catesbaei x oreophila
* S. flava var. rugelii
* S. leucophylla 'Tarnok'
* S. psittacina
* S. purpurea
* S. rubra
* S. alabamensis subsp. wherryi
* S. wrigleyana
* S. 'Judith Hindle'
* S. oreophila
* S. 'Cobra Nest'
* S. 'Ladies in Waiting'
* S. 'Lady Bug'
* S. leucophylla – unknown location
* S. 'Mardi Gras'
* S. leucophylla x rubra ssp. gulfensis
* S. rubra gulfensis 'green' x S. rubra jonesii 'Green'
* S. rubra gulfensis x (leucophylla x flava)
* S. 'Dana's Delight'
* S. 'Scarlet Belle'
* S. flava 'Coppertop'

Location Sarracenia

* S. alata, Hardin Co., TX
* S. leucophylla, Baldwin Co., AL
* S. areolata, Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve
* S. rosea, Leah Wilkerson Bog
* S. flava var. rugelii, Leah Wilkerson Bog