Okey, here's what's going on:
I have 4 cacti, which I cant get pics of, (its a long story) I cant really identify, and I want to use their pot for a bunch of CPs.
Cacti 1 is, I believe an Echinocereus.
Cacti 2 is a type of (very spikey) ping pong padle cactus. I know there is a better name, but I forget...
Cacti 3 is almost like a tiny sagauro with way to many arms. (has had some dry rot in the past)
Cacti 4 is a type of clumping barral cactus.
PLEASE NOTE that I am not entirely sure about what these cacti are.
All cacti are what are described as "mini" cacti, so nothing more than about 5in across.
There is no need to post on this thread, just PM me with a TRADE offer, and I will tell you if I except. (I do like sundews) I will also respond to offers that are not excepted. (do I sound cocky when I say "except") You may request a trade for one cacti or multiple cacti, or even all of the cacti. I will pay for shipping. USA only please, this discludes Alaska and Hawaii. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. If you think that this is a crazy trade, please tell me. (this is the first trade that I have started)
I appoligize for the bad descriptions of the plants.
Okey, I'm pretty sure that is it.