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Thread: Wanted: Basic Sarrs!

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    Maaan, I hope we get some of that rain. Over the weekend it stormed reallyy good, but it was all wasted- the majority of the rain was missed because my family thought they were doing me a favor my moving the garbage can I use to collect rain out in the middle of the yard and away from the gutter, and I'm new to using trays instead of individual dishes, and so some of my plants got flooded, and when I did remove my catching-containers to where I want them, apparently there was some contaminants somewhere and the water was all soapy looking. I was out there in the thunder and lightening and looked like a drowned rat for NOTHING. Well, I had to save my plants, regardless, but still.
    Oh god, the lovebugs are making a comeback, yeah. For whatever reason, whether its the design of my car, or the protective layer of dirt on it, I never get plagued by lovebugs. I get the occasional splat, but my dad's windshield is nearly entirely white by the time he comes home. =P What's driving me crazy is the cicadas and squirrels- cicadas scare me, and squirrels just make me nervous, as they can always steal a plant. Or bite me. And I could go without a rabies shot.
    In winter time, it's a little warmer than inland because I'm coastal. I think. This past winter was pretty brutal, certainly far worse than the typical "3 days below 40" I'm used to, but everything survived. I brought my Neps in and that was it. I think it was mostly in the 50s and 60s, only dipping past 40 on exceptionally freezing nights. But yes, they did go dormant.
    I have a bit of everything- My Bicalcarata is lowland, the Truncata is intermediate (despite being a Highland form), and the Densiflora is Highland .

    Ah. I'm kind of burned out on seeds though, especially since I had to sell my light, and I don't have anymore trays or peat pots to get them started in. Thank you though =)

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    Yea well what has seemed to work for me is im constantly checking the weather just to know whether or not its going to rain so i can time whether or not to walk my dogs earlier than normal. Sooo what i do is i walk them and after that i climb on my roof with my hose and a broom and i spray and sweep till i see that nothing is falling from the roof into the gutter into my container. that way i get mainly clean mostly uncontaminated rain water. my girlfriend loves squirrels she got bit by one at seaworld tho haha. but hey no worries because squirrels cant get rabies (a little fun fact). yea down here the weather gets around 50's in the winter but with the windchill it probably feels 40's or lower. yea i only have 1 ventricosa some d.roseana d.scorpiodes d.capensis alba and vft's 'typical'.
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