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Thread: Wanted: Ventricosa "Porcelain"

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    I would love to have any of those forms.
    Good growing, Jack
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Paroubek View Post
    EP clone C and D are not the same plant as the 'porcelain' clone that Rich is showing in the link, that comes from Kew/Longwood. I suspect the MT wide pink peristome is the same plant based on what I was able to find out about it.
    I suspected someone would say that having read the history behind the different clones. I am in no position to argue. I will take Geoff's response as. Clone (c) is the one that closest resembles 'porcelain'.

    They are all beautiful.

    * This thread is closed. I have located a ventricosa (c) and will be happy with that for the time being.

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