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Thread: Ceph (typical) and Helis for trade!

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    Ceph (typical) and Helis for trade!

    Hey what's up fellas, I have quite a few extras of these two plants so I want to trade some out. I divided up the cephalotus and heliamphora about three to four months each. They have rooted extremely well!

    The cephalotus is a typical, but has shown great growth and is in a 4" pot to gauge size. The largest pitchers are 3/4" from the bottom to the opening (minus the lid).

    I have two divisions of heliamphora, they are both heterodoxa x ionasii. I find that hybrids in heliamphora tend to take a wider range of conditions and do well. If you've always been timid of heliamphora these should grow easily for you! This heli will max out at about 8~9".

    First heli for trade has two pitchers, the taller pitcher is about 7".

    Second heli has a single pitcher which is rather slanted, but it's 7" tall as well.

    I'm looking to trade mainly for nepenthes both highland and lowland. Maybe other heli's, or Hummer's Giants. Please have pictures available when making an offer, I can't really gauge my interest in the trade without them. Thanks for your time, and thanks for looking!

    P.S. This is my first time trying to post pictures up, let me know if they don't work!

    --Edit-- Okay apparently they do work but the photos came out HUGE. Sorry for those with slow connections!

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    I'll take the Ceph!! check out my grow list,..

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    this might be a long shot. but if your lookin to add a new species of heli you dont i have, i have h.heterodoxa. its only a juvenille so it doesnt compare to yours, however it has 2 growth points if that boosts it a little.

    lemme know what you think

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