Will Apologise Now For The Long Rambling Post / LOL

Would mainly like to trade for HL Neps or Nep cuttings / Would also be interested in Sarrs
But I'm pretty open since I would really like to get rid of most of the stuff listed below to free up some space


Sprouted Chinese Water Chestnuts / Getting BIG
Cool for ponds water gardens & deep bogs
Got more than I even have room for so Trade or Free for Postage on these

Succulents & cacti really aren't my thing but some how I ended up with 100s of them over the last year or so
Have sold a bunch on CraigsList but I still have way more then I need or want
So I can trade collections of them

Say like a set of
4 different kinds of Huernia and/or a Stapelia or two
4 or 5 different types of Mother-Of-Thousands style plants
A mixed lot of 5 to 10+++ different kinds of plants {Succulents}
Just single plants

They are all rooted growing plants & Not cuttings
Email me if interested & I can send you names & pics of what I can send as a set

At least a few pics of some of them can be seen at http://community.webshots.com/user/EvilGardenGnome

Also have a lot of Bryophyllum Pinnatum / Leaves ~ Started Leaves ~ Small Plants / Also have larger ones for local pick up

Aechmea Recurvata / Bromeliad
Old pics they all have pups now

Also Purple Hearts Wondering Jew / Purple Shamrocks / 2 or 3 small Sauromatum Venosum Corms / a few Pings http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/...75026881eqvUcH / Arum Italicum Seedlings

LMK if you see anything that interests you & what you would like to trade for it/them