Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun here

The pods are swelling up nicely & I'm guessing they should pop in about a week or so
So I was hoping that I could set up a few trades now
That way I can get them out as soon as they pop while they're still nice & fresh

I'm NOT 100% sure on the female
Was originally thinking it looked similar to a Ventricosa x Inermis
But Ventricosa X Burkei was the most popular guess when I posted pics in the ID section on a few sites

??? {Ventricosa X Burkei} X Ventricosa ???


More Photos Of The Female
A Pic Of The Male~

Feel Free To Me Email Me For More Pics

Would like to keep 1/2 the seeds for myself & trade the other 1/2 for ??? / I'm Open
Would like do a few trades if possible

LMK if you're interested