U.S. trades only please:

I live in San Diego - I want a ping (maybe mexi-ping?) that I can grow outside on my balcony for most of the year (maybe bring it in when it gets into the upper 40's at night). I managed to kill 3 P.titans last year, before figuring out how not to kill one this year - mine's been alive for at least 6 mo I think, so nothing *too* special lest I kill it (and only one, because that's all I have room for).

In exchange, I have a container of water with D.intermediaXcapillaris, D.forked (not binata but not sure exactly what - has had a fork in one of the 2 initial arms before), and d.paradoxa sprouted leaf cuttings/pullings. I think I'll send in a container of damp lfs, with a strand or two of live sphag starts if you're hard pressed to find any.

Here's a thread with pics of my sprouts: http://terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123369

Please PM me with offers and include a pic of what you're proposing to send me with a scale of size because I'm a n00b at pings