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Thread: Trading Succulents for Live Sphagnum Varieties

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    Trading Succulents for Live Sphagnum Varieties

    EDIT: All done. Ask me next summer if you missed out and you want some.

    Hey guys I am trying to find a home for some succulents I started from cuttings a couple semesters ago if anyone is interested. I will be composting them at the end of July so... : )

    I am looking for different species of Live Sphagnum Moss. I would be interested in just about any amount (1pt,1qt,1gal). I don't need location data and all that. If you have some near your house from the wild... DONT harvest that stuff haha (unless of course its going to be destroyed in the near future).

    I will be able to ship on the 26th and 27th of July. I would like the Moss to be coordinated to arrive anytime during the last week of July.

    E-Mail me ( with a trade offer and we can go from there.

    Below are the succulents. I really don't remember the epithets so follow the grid below and tell me which LETTER of plant(s) you want. Next to the number in parentheses is the QUANTITY of that plant I have.

    *- Denotes a space in the tray.

    A(1) B(9) C(0) D(1) (*) E(5)
    F(8) G(8) H(3) I(10) J(2) (*)
    K(7) (*) L(7) (*) M(6) N(7)

    Wow that is confusing. Just describe if you so choose.

    I will post a few closeup shots soon.

    Thanks - Phill
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