hello I am looking to trade some my plants for medim to large D. regia, drosophyllum seeds and D. graomogolensis. i have plenty of things to trade so heres a list of all of it.
pots full of Stylidium debile
h. Nutans-Wei( 2 plants in the pot and they are divisions from a seedgrown plant)
u. Longifolia
Drosera macrophylla ssp macrophylla “Wongan” tuber
Drosera whittakeri ssp. whittakeri "red clone"-Southern Mt. Hostly Ranges, S.A. tuber
Drosera aff.peltata-Glenshera, S.A. tuber
Drosera lowriei "green"- Ravensthrope, W.A. tuber
Drosera Stolonifera ssp.porrecta tuber
pm me if interested or if you have something else to trade iam usually interested in tadeing