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Thread: Wanted: Nep. ( viking / mirabilis 'globosa' ? )

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    Wanted: Nep. ( viking / mirabilis 'globosa' ? )

    I'm looking for a Nep. mirabilis 'globosa' (AKA N. viking) or whatever name they have come up with since the last ones. I was given a $25 ebay gift card for my birthday. Would that be an acceptable item for barter to anyone in the US?

    I found a nice one on ebay, but couldn't get it. Long story... It was one of the nicest ones I'd ever seen. It had no shoulders, was nice and round, and had very nicely formed large wings. The only problem was that it was in Thailand... seemingly the only place from which this species is ever offered for sale!!! uggh The seller had 100% positive feedback, without so much as a single neutral comment, from all over; europe, australia, the US, Canada, etc. They even included the export CITES and phyto documents for $10 extra. So I had no problem about ordering from so far away given that almost 100 people before me had great success with this seller.

    I found it Friday night and had to go away yesterday to a family reunion. The auction was set to end yesterday afternoon while I was gone. So I asked a friend if she would bid on it for me while I was gone if it didn't go over $20, excluding shipping (I had other bday funds to put with it). I then read on the CITES site that I would also need import permits, another $70+, or there would be a $50,000 fine upon their discovery at the port of entry. So I contacted my friend again and told her not to bid.

    Then I had the idea that someone here on the forum may already have these papers. So I made a post asking if anyone could import for me, but no one answered. Maybe no one has these permits, plainly just doesn't want to mess with it, or it was far too short of notice. I couldn't blame them either way I guess. It is a lot of hassle from what I've read on the CITES site.

    After a five year search and never once seeing this Nep for sale outside of Thailand (Why not!?), I was ready to resign my search until I thought that maybe someone here would trade a rooted cutting or small plant. I know the grade A ones are pricey. So one for $25 value would probably be a bit on the small side.

    I would like photos of the plant beforehand, but I wouldn't hold it against you if any new pitchers change shape after I get it. I realize that light and humidity have a lot to do with that and if it changes in my care, I would just have to tweak the growing conditions in my terrarium.


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    I sent you a PM with some good info.

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