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Thread: Fresh Cephalotus 'HG' seeds for trade

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    Fresh Cephalotus 'HG' seeds for trade

    Thanks for all of the interest. The seeds have now been spoken for.
    I recently posted this on the listserver - but for the people who do not subscribe:

    I've recently finished harvesting seeds from 2 Cephalotus flower stalks** and would be interested in trading for seeds of interesting Utrics (or possibly plants - within USA) - primarily fresh Orchidioides (but may consider others). Since the Utric seed needs to be fresh, I may also consider trading the Ceph seeds now for a to-be-delivered-later set of Orchidioides seed.

    - I will consider trade offers from any country to which I can legally send seed (I have an Aphis permit to legally receive seed).
    - The seeds are not for sale (sales requests will be ignored).
    - The parent Cephalotus plants are both 'Hummer's Giant' clones (but any resulting plants will not be considered HGs).
    - Please send questions, comments or trade offers to my email address - at sign between RL7836 and EMBARQMAIL dot com
    - Other possible trades can be found at the top of my growlist
    - I may not respond immediately - please be patient.
    - ** The 3rd stalk was consumed by a deer ....
    - Caveat - most, if not all, of the seeds have been previously promised to another CP grower. However, this individual has been unresponsive to emails for several weeks and I now consider it prudent to develop a backup plan...
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    All the best,
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    *** Growlist / Wants / Offers ***
    (with Pics)

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