Cephalotus ~ All types
N. jacquelineae
N. jamban
N. macrophylla and hybrids of macrophylla
N. 'Predator'
N. talangensis and hybrids of talangensis
N. tenuis
N. trusmadiensis and hybrids of TM
N. veitchii
N. villosa
large Pings
S. flava var. ornata
U. quelchii

If you have something on my want list to offer, trade options are not limited to what is listed below. This trade list is just what I'm trying to get rid of.

~For Trade~

N. alata
N. 'Effulgent Koto'
N. gracilis
N. rafflesiana
N. x leessii partially rooted cutting
N. 'Velvet' partially rooted cutting
N. x hookeriana
N. ‘King Tiger’
N. mirabilis x tobaica
N. ‘Miranda’
N. ‘Gentle’
N. maxima x sanguinea unrooted cutting
N. ventricosa
N. x ventrata