Hi all,

I've lost track of those I've traded with this past season. There was an early trade with lilstinkpot, but the others got lost when I cleaned out my email box.

I have some stunning and incredibly vigorous Sarracenia rubra alabamensis that originated from the ICPS seedbank. The plants are only about 8 months old and the largest are already 6 to 8inches tall! The growth on these plants has been amazing.

I'd like to give away some of these, but am starting with those who traded with me earlier this year. There were only a couple of you, but I'd like to return the favor before I dole some of these out.

Naturally, because of the federal protection on these plants, I will pay all shipping costs. The plants will arrive via USPS Priority and will include a copy of my documentation from the ICPS identifying the source of the plant material.

If we traded, get in touch via PM. Lilstinkpot: Send me your address again and I'll get one of these out to you.

Once I sort through this, I'll have a few more to offer in a subsequent post.


Winston-Salem, NC