Hello TerraForums!

To my delight, I found that my Nepenthes spathulata x veitchii 'Judith Finn' is going to bloom. I believe that all the specimens of this cultivar are male, which would mean I am going to have pollen available as it opens (which probably wont be for a while, since I just noticed the inflorescence today as it is just barely poking out of the developing leaf). Ideally, I would like to send this out to someone/people and make at least one hybrid. I don't really care what it gets crossed with, to be honest. I know that it is a fairly common plant, and people aren't going to be jumping through hoops for the stuff, but if you are bored or a somewhat beginner like me with a female flower, don't be shy! I wish to honor the standard "split the seed fifty/fifty" should any develop.

I will be updating with packets of pollen here as they become available. I am going to try my hand at storing it, but this is my first Nepenthes blossom, and I have no experience with it. PM me or email me at csbascom@yahoo.com

Good growing!