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Thread: Trades - before winter

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    Trades - before winter

    Before the switch to frozen tundra is complete and shipping becomes truly risky, I thought I'd see if anyone is interested in a possible trade.

    On the top of my growlist, I try to keep a fairly current list of plants I have available as well as those for which I'm looking. Here's what's up there now:

    Wants: N. inermis, N. platychila, H. pulchella - Amuri Tepui, H. uncinata, H. ciliata, H. huberi (& other Heli's not on my list - prefer smaller species), D. anglica (temperate w/ location), D. regia, S. psittacina (large 'golfballensis' type), Orchidioides utrics - seed or plants (especially U. quelchii)

    Offers: currently have spares of N. eymae (BE)(~5" pitchers & bright red peristome), Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant', D. prolifera, D. adelae, D. x hybrida (dormant), U. reniformis f. courte, U. humboldtii (Cerro Neblina), U. nelumbifolia, U. tricolor, D. graomogolensis

    For a D. regia at least 2" or above, I could also see what Sarrs I could make available...
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    I've got regia.. PM'ed.

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