Here are some other non-carnivorous seeds for SASE if anyone is interested. It will be for approx. a dozen seeds from an Echinacea (purple coneflower) cultivar called 'Tiki Torch', which has orange blooms. Not sure how familiar you are with all of these new coneflower cultivars, but there are some pretty interesting ones out there, but they all seem to grow like crap, likely due to their tissue-cultured propagation. Growing them from seed should yield problem-free plants.

Also, if my understanding of Echinacea pollination ecology is correct, they cannot be self-pollinated. These seeds are from the only flower my 'Tiki Torch' produced this year, so I am assuming (and hoping) it was cross pollinated. I have a lot of the basic purple coneflowers growing in the same garden, along with a couple of other cultivars - 'Tomato Soup' which is kind of a dark red, and 'Mango Meadowbrite', which is a yellow color, and I think one or two of the white ones as well. That being said, I doubt these seeds will produce orange-flowered coneflowers, but I really have no idea. I'm hoping for some interesting colors. First to reply can have them. I'll probably need more than one stamp, as these seeds definitely will need some bubble wrap. Here's a pic of the flower from this summer: