I love eustachya, and crossing it with veitchii h/l really just is the best. If you have one you want to trade away or an extra...I'm willing to part with this little guy for the following:

N.jacquelinae AW
H.pulchella Akopan EP
N.spathulata X mira SG BE
N.macfarlanei & burkei (they both don't look great so it'd be a 2-fer)
Cephalotus fol. regular & Hummer's Giant forms mixed pot (they're small though)
VFT Royal Red
...or if you're an orchid nut I can ship you a big box 'o 'chids

Look in my GL for pics - most are updated as of a month ago. Depending on size you'd definitely get more than one plant for a beast...and if it's super awesome, perhaps things not on the above trade list...