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Thread: A couple things my collection is lacking...

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    A couple things my collection is lacking...

    Hello friends,

    I'm lacking a couple of things. First, I'd like to grow some s. leucophylla seed. Collected from a leuco field would be ideal! Otherwise, cross-polinated pure seed from nice plants is what I'd be interested in. I really like the species and want to raise a few of my own.

    Also, I've heard that cephs grow really well here. So, I'd like to get 3 genetically different ones so I can get seed and eventually send some to the ICPS seedbank.

    D. adalae seed would be great if anybody has some!

    D. affinis seed would also be wonderful. I love South African dews.

    one more clone of u. gibba.

    And I'm always in need of dead LFSM.

    In exchange I have a few things of interest. Look at my growlist please. If you like neps, I've got a really nice (medium-small plant) of spectribilis x ventrosica. Has red on the leaves and really cute pitchers. Even a stripey perisome. I also have a d. natalensis that needs a good home.

    Here is a great cactus that I really like and have extras of.

    Called the peanut cactus. It's not common in the United States for some reason. And there is only one clone in cultivation here...but I got this one from Mexico. Could it be a different clone?

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity TF!
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