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Thread: Watermelon Jenny F1 Hybrid Seed Giveaway

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    Okay, there are two seed packets and three people signed up. There are only 3 possible combinations of winners.

    I have a scientific calculator with a random number function. It will choose a random 3 digit number between 0.001 and 0.999

    If the number is 0.333 or smaller, then eou812 & Clue will win.
    If the number is larger than 0.333 but smaller than 0.667, then Clue & Vbkid will win.
    If the number is 0.667 or larger, then eou812 & Vbkid will win.

    And the random number is...


    Therefore the winners are...
    Clue & Vbkid

    I want to thank everyone for participating. I will send a PM to Clue & Vbkid soon. I will probably be doing another giveaway after the winners of this giveaway receive their prizes. It will most likely be a poetry contest for a carnivorous plant DVD that I won in a giveaway back in 2009. I was told back then to "spread the love" and that is why I am doing giveaways. As long as I am having fun, I will continue to do giveaways. I think I have some PC games that came free with my 2010 computer, and I don't need them. The games aren't all that great, but I'm sure someone will be interested. That giveaway will be after the CP DVD giveaway. After that, who knows?

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    Yeah, you can get crazy on the rules and nobody can say anything about are, after all, GIVING something away (even if you do make people "work" for it.)

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