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Thread: Wanted - private-domain email address

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    Wanted - private-domain email address

    So, here's a request you probably haven't seen before. I need an email address from a privately owned domain. It doesn't have to be long-term, just a few months minimum, but of course if you have your domain paid through the next couple of years and can assure me it will be around for a while, that type of offer will be preferred and I'll give it higher trading value.
    Imagine - a trade where you don't even have to pay shipping! I have all manner of things to offer, so, if you have your own domain and host an email server (or a redirect service, so long as I can send messages out from your domain) please let me know and we can hammer out the details. Thanks.
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    I can help you with that, seedjar...

    I'll send you a PM shortly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Clemens View Post
    I've had these domains for a long time and expect to keep them indefinitely.
    Do you trust? Whom do you trust?
    What can happen if you let others send out mails from your mailserver?

    If your e-mail domain is used to send bulk mail as unsolicited advertising, your mail domain can be blacklisted by some ISPs, so that mail originating from your server will no longer be transported to their customers.

    If your e-mail domain is used to send "the wrong type of mails", you can come into focus of FBI, CIA, NSA or other authorities in your country.

    If someone needs a server for e-mail, why not use Google Mail?

    If someone asks me about e-mail addresses and use of mail-servers to send mail, I recommend Google Mail or similar free e-mail services in Germany.

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    Thank you Jesse,
    Very good advice.
    Joseph Clemens
    Tucson, Arizona, U S A

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