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Thread: Looking for Dionaea Clones

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    Looking for Dionaea Clones

    I am looking for the following Dionaea cultivars. If you have any for trade let me know.
    I am also looking for tissue samples from them, mainly fresh flower stalks about 3-5 inches in length and leaves.
    If you want to send me some tissue, I will try to tissue culture it and if it works I could send you some clones back, but it is not guaranteed to work.
    I am also looking for all dionaea seeds from any cultivar (I am aware that they aren't the same cultivar), just let me know the parents or if they are unidentified let me know that.

    Sharks Teeth
    Crested Petioles
    Cross Tooth
    Bristle Tooth
    Crimson Sawtooth
    Scarlet Bristletooth
    Green Dragon
    Low giant
    Big Vigorous
    Long Red Fingers
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