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Thread: Wanted: Drosera filiformis

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    Wanted: Drosera filiformis

    Hi everyone...

    As many of you know, I had to give away my entire collection a couple years ago. I am able to keep a few plants again now that I have someone home to take care of them for me. I am looking for a few really easy plants that my wife can take care of with minimal effort. One of those is Drosera filiformis. I don't have anything for trade but I am more than willing to pay for postage for small plants, or root/ leaf cuttings.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hey, I can send you one or two - Have several in my bog, and will prolly need to thin the population anyway.

    EDIT - fyi, they're just emerging from dormancy, so now is a good time to ship! They won't get all banged up in the mail.

    You can PayPal me the shipping, if you want, to eliminate the wait.

    Let me know!

    Edit of Edit (I really gotta organize my thoughts better) - FYI again - these are mature specimens, if it makes a difference. Some have two or three crowns....just bear in mind for choosing pots.
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