He there!

Up for trade are four Tiara goblets, item # 10283 5" 5/8" tall. I think they hold four ounces, but cannot swear to it. They are new and unused in the original manufacturers box. Lest you ask, well, what do ya want?? I am a bit new to this, and have little so I am seeking a lot, sort of. I am fond of neps, and those with large pitchers, anything red,orange or black, anything not ventata or mixta. That is kind of forgiving of less than perfect conditions. Probably would need to be a lowlander or intermediate, perhaps something something hybridized and thus with hybrid vigor...I am flying in the dark here. If a sundew, something that might do well in a windowsill and isn't too fussy about dormancy conditions, or if that is something I can manage. I know I can do D. spathulata Fraser so, rosetted tropicals should be ok. On the other hand I am fond of the pygmy sundews. I saw a pic here someone posted of a waterwheel plant in a grocery plastic container on a windowsill. It seems you folks can grow darn near anything. But seriously, if you have something to offer in trade, I wil consider it.




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Make that 8.5 oz.