No cp's here Captain, but...

I have some seeds up for grabs for whoever might want them.

Pride of Barbados, or Mexican bird of paradise, 40 seeds. 2010.

hollyhocks, they started out as red, and over the years turned
to a frost almost white color. 145 seeds. year unknown

pink flowering tobacco from this year too many to count they are
very small.

yellow columbine from this year 385 seeds

luffa sponge vine/gourd lots - 3 to 5 hundred seeds 2010

larkspur 2010 from an exchange color unknown 145 seeds 2011

harlequin vine 2010 purple flowers, there may be some white mixed in 172 seeds

I also have some dill seed from last year and some hyssop from this year and some older chives I can throw in if you want any of the above.

I am thinking a SASE or bubble envelope with perhaps a small surcharge depending upon what you want for postage as some of the seeds are large. I can't imagine it going over a buck-buck fifty. Or I can send in a bubble wrap envelope from here. Or Paypal if you like, I am pretty flexible here.

Tell me what you want, and how many, and we'll sort it out from there.

News flash! I almost forgot, I have some nigella seed, also from an exchange. Labeled as
full sun, blue and/or white flowers, will reseed. 11 May. Bad *** looking papery seed pods.
A google search revealed interesting looking flowers. Don't know how many there are, but I would say at least a hundred. And they say it grows fast.

Post on the thread and email me at gnixon@satx.rr.com if interested. My mailbox on TF is pretty full. Amounts available depend on interest, and how much you want.
This is my first stab at this, so if I miss a rule or do something out of the ordinary, let me know.